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Here at Albalá Ingenieros we wish to provide you with the best quality service and to make the process as quick and as easy to use as possible for our customers and our post-sales service department. For these reasons we kindly request that you follow these instructions:

1Please fill out all the contact details that appear in Section A of the form.
2In Section B please fill out the information regarding all the equipment you plan to ship including the serial number, model number, if it is damaged or not (as it could be a piece of functioning equipment accompanying a damaged piece of equipment) and if the rear board is included of not (in the case of TL3000 family modules) along with a description of the problem(s) for each piece of equipment.
Please note that generic descriptions such as “doesn’t work” or “doesn’t turn on” often require more testing than is truly necessary. Therefore please provide as much detail as possible about the problem, as this will greatly improve our response time.
3Once both sections of the form have been filled out, click on “Download File” in Section C to obtain the document in PDF format. We recommend you also print the document directly by clicking on “Print File”.
4Ship the equipment together with the documentation you have completed and printed to our main offices at: Albalá Ingenieros, Calle Medea, 4, 3ºF en Madrid 28037, SPAIN
5For cases where the warranty period has expired we will send you a quote for repair that must be accepted before any work begins. If the equipment in question is still within its warranty period then it will be repaired immediately without the need for any quotation.
6When the repairs are complete we will send you a notice via email and the equipment will be shipped to the return address you provided to us.
The information you type here WILL NOT be sent from this webpage. In order for us to receive it you must download the request form using the link at the bottom of this page and send it from your email account to: Please also include a printed copy of the request forms with the equipment itself. Albalá Ingenieros, S.A. does not provide RMA numbers.
Shipping from the customer’s location to Albalá Ingenieros is the responsibility of the customer. Albalá Ingenieros’ responsibility is limited to the return of the repaired equipment to the customer as long as the repair is possible as per the conditions described in the specifications of each piece of equipment. Transport of the repaired equipment will be paid for by Albalá Ingenieros within the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Shipping to any other destination will be governed by EX WORKS (EXW) Incoterms unless previously agreed otherwise and in writing.
The SFP modules, GNSS antennas and backplanes of the TL3000 line modules are compact elements which, in case of failure, require replacement. If you need a spare part for any of these elements, please contact Albalá Ingenieros or one of its authorised distributors.

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