Welcome to the future of Broadcast!

What makes us different?




Innovation in conception

Our equipment is both versatile and easy to use. The R&D team designs products that adapt to the needs and working methods of our clients during the design phase, rather than requiring engineers working in production centers to adapt to them.




Innovation in design

R&D is the cornerstone of our company. Each product we design utilizes the latest available technologies to reduce space and energy consumption, while incorporating the new functionalities demanded by the market. Every step of our R&D process is driven by the constant pursuit of perfection and delivering outstanding results.




Innovation in the portfolio

Our product catalog is a testament to this, as it covers all areas of the Broadcast market. Whether it's production centers, distribution centers, or transmission facilities, we have solutions for all of them. The catalog also covers all types of signals, from the oldest, such as synchronization and analog audio, to the most modern, such as UHD video and IP-transmitted audio. Our modular equipment is akin to a Swiss army knife for telecommunications centers, providing the tools to solve any problem that arises.




Nuevos módulos para UHD-SDI

UTG2000C01. SD/HD/3G/12G-SDI test signal generator with electrical and optical outputs

UFS2000C01. 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video frame synchronizer with logo inserter

UXC2000C01. Cross Converter from 3G-SDI to 12G-SDI and from 12G-SDI to 3G-SDI

AES67 Discovery Protocols on Annette

The AIP2000C01 and IMB2000C01 modules incorporate the SAP and DSN-SD protocols described in the AES67 standard for discovering audio streams transmitted over a local area network. A new plugin developed for Annette allows these protocols to be used to simplify the configuration of the IP streams that are to be received.