19 " 2 RU Mounting frame for forced air cooling

The UR2000R03 two RU mounting frame has been designed to house modules of the TL2000 Line Terminal family. Special attention and detail has been spent on the versatility, ease of maintenance and low EMI of this product.
The modular structure eases installation maintenance by allowing access to and removal of the installed module by loosening the front panel thumbscrews. All connections to the backplane use PCI-Express connectors.
The flexibility of this mounting frame allows the installation of any combination of modules with their associated power supplies. Distribution of power and control signals between the modules installed is done using an internal bus built into the frame, hence all the control signals and power supply rails are available for every module installed in the frame.
Mechanical rigidity and shielding against EMI are achieved with sections within the structure and careful design of the elements that form the sections. The power supply rails and the control signals are distributed with a PCB that incorporates all the necessary connectors, eliminating the reliability problems common to cabled buses.
The UR2000R03 mounting frame can be installed in standard 19'' racks and is divided into 21 slots for installation of TL2000 family modules.
When the UR2000R03 mounting frame has one PSU2000 power supply installed there is space for 19 TL2000 modules. If two redundant PSU2000 power supplies are installed then the number of TL2000 modules that can be installed is reduced to 17.
In special applications with modules that occupy two or three slots each the total number of modules that can be installed will be lower.