Five SP10T coaxial relay matrix for UR2000R02 mounting frame

The MWX4621C01 module is a switching matrix with 46 inputs and a single output designed for RF signals at frequencies up to 18 GHz. It has been designed for installation into the UR2000R01 mounting frame.
The matrix is built by grouping five 1x10 SP10T (single pole, ten throw) switching modules that are controlled by five TLY2010C01 modules from the TL2000 family from Albalá Ingenieros. These are electro-mechanical relays that do not perform any modification on the signal except for a light attenuation due to the skin effect and the dielectric losses associated with isolated electrical conductors. Therefore the electrical signal chain is bidirectional and can route one input signal to one of the 46 outputs or it can select one signal from among 46 different sources and connect that signal to the single output.
Control of the relays is performed via commands received by the TLY2010C01 modules over the internal bus of the UR2000 mounting frame. A communications controlled is required to act as a bridge between the Ethernet interface used by a keyboard or computer and the internal bus. There are two versions of the communications controlled: the TLE2001C02 that provides a single Ethernet port and the SWC2000C01 that provides four Ethernet ports.
The MWX4621C01 module, the TLY2010C01 modules and the communications controller module all draw power from a PSU2000C02 power supply (used when the power input is AC wall power) or from a PSU2001C01 (used when the power input is a DC network). If power supply redundancy is required then two power supply modules of either type must be installed.
The MWX4621C01 can be managed from a computer or from a keyboard via an Ethernet network. Albalá Ingenieros manufactures a versatile keyboard with 60 keys, the KBD3160C01 that can be configured to manage the MWX4621C01 switching matrix. This keyboard provides a key for each input that lights up when it is selected.
The MWX4621C01 module is a member of the TL2000 family, designed for installation in a UR2000 mounting frame, where it occupies 16 of the slots. The five remaining slots are used to house one or two power supply modules and a communications controller module.