3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video logo inserter

The HLI2000C01 is an inserter of graphics and audio into 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video signals. It provides two independent layers for superposition of graphics and can embed four stereo audio mix channels.
Each graphics layer can be configured to display four static logos, one animated logo, teletext or subtitles. In order to display teletext or subtitles the signal being received must include teletext information as per the OP-47 and ETSI ETS 300 706 standards.
The module can also insert up to four audio logos in up to four pairs of audio, as well as control the mix parameters.
It provides an ample amount of non-volatile memory for storage of up to 32 static logos, 32 animated logos and 32 audio logos. The logos are loaded using a wizard in the control software.
If the incoming video signal contains ATC or VITC data, it is then possible to insert this timing information into the output video.
The module includes two GPIs that can be used to launch four timed sequencing command configuration scripts. By default the configuration of these scripts allows control of the visibility of the graphics layers, and this covers the majority of applications.
The HLI2000C01 provides 16 presets stored in non-volatile memory that can be recalled remotely at any given time by a control keyboard or via the control software installed in a PC.
The status of the HLI2000C01 can be supervised and the logos loaded remotely via a communications control module installed in the same mounting frame or these functions can be handled via the Ethernet port of the HLI2000C01. Furthermore, some control modules include control via an SNMP agent as well as the ability to save an event log file that contains the date and time for posterior analysis.