Fan module for UR2000R03 chassis

The FAN2000C01 module has been designed to evacuate the heat generated by the modules housed in the UR2000R03 chassis. Using two tangential fans, the FAN2000C01 pressurizes the air duct located in the bottom cover of the chassis, through which air is distributed to provide forced ventilation to all modules contained within the chassis.
The FAN2000C01 takes in air from the front face of the module and blows it into the air duct of the bottom cover. This duct distributes the air at ambient temperature to the slots located at the bottom of each slot. The vertical airflow generated allows cooling of the modules, and the already heated air exits through the holes in the upper cover of the chassis.
The amount of air pushed by the fans varies depending on the ambient air temperature, thus minimizing energy consumption to the bare minimum required for proper thermal control.
The FAN2000C01 is equipped with ambient air temperature sensors, fan rotation speed sensors, and an airflow meter. All of these are intended for proper preventive maintenance as the fans are electromechanical components prone to wear and tear.
On the front of the module, there is an LED indicator that provides information about the operational status.