Fan module for UR2000R03 chassis

The FAN2000C01 is the module of the TL2000 family that must be installed in the UR2000R03 chassis to provide it with forced air cooling.
The module has two tangential fans with a longevity of 60,000 hours that force air into a duct located in the bottom tray of the UR2000R03 chassis. The duct has holes aligned with each of the slots that allow air to escape into the chassis and cool the modules.
The air that drives the module is taken from the front of it through a particle filter.
The air flow that is driven depends on the ambient temperature and ensures the correct cooling of all modules that are installed in the chassis.
The FAN2000C01 is a module in the TL2000 terminal line and can only perform its function if it is installed in a 2 RU UR2000R03 chassis, where it must always be present.