Asynchronous AES/EBU audio front-end for the AUDIOCHAIN bus of the TL2000 terminal line

The ADF2008C01, DAF2008C01, DDF2008C01 and DEF2008C01 modules have been designed to provide analog and digital audio inputs and outputs to TL2000 line terminal digital video modules. Thanks to these inputs and outputs it is possible to convert a frame synchronizer such as the HFS2000C01 into an embedder or de-embedder of analog or digital audio.
In order to provide this functionality the backplane of the UR2000 mounting frame has the AUDIOCHAIN bus, which is a pair of connection lines between adjacent slots for transportation of up to 16 audio channels in one direction and 16 channels in the other direction between two or more modules located in adjacent slots.
The DEF2008C01 includes a total of eight AES/EBU digital audio interfaces that can be configured as eight inputs, as eight outputs or four outputs with one reference input each.
The module includes a matrix that allows any assignment of audio signals between the AUDIOCHAIN and the AES/EBU inputs/outputs as well as gain controls to adjust the level of each channel in the AES/EBU streams.
When the DEF2008C01 is used for insertion of audio into the bus the asynchronous sampling rate converters (ASRC) can be activated for each one of the inputs. When the DEF2008C01 is used for transmission via the AES/EBU interfaces the audio from the bus does not normally need sampling rate conversion, however if it is needed then the ASRC's can be activated for four of the outputs and in this case the other four AES/EBU interfaces in the connector are used as reference inputs for the ASRC's.