Asynchronous AES/EBU audio front-end for the AUDIOFLEX bus of the TL2000 terminal line

The DEB2008C01 is a module from the TL2000 family that provides eight synchronous or asynchronous AES/EBU digital audio interfaces to the AUDIOFLEX bus. The eight interfaces can be configured as inputs, in which case they insert 16 audio channels into the bus, or as outputs, in which case they extract 16 audio channels from the bus.
AUDIOFLEX is an internal bus provided by the UR2000 mounting frame that is formed by two lines: M2S (Master to Slave) and S2M (Slave to Master), that interconnect all the slots of the frame. Each of the two lines can multiplex up to 64 channels of audio sampled at 24 bits, 48 kHz grouped in eight time slots, each of which contains eight audio channels.
When the AES/EBU interfaces are configured as inputs, the eight streams of digital audio (16 audio channels) are multiplexed into two consecutive time slots of the S2M line of the AUDIOFLEX bus. When the AES/EBU interfaces are configured as outputs, 16 audio channels from two consecutive time slots of the M2S line of the AUDIOFLEX bus are de-multiplexed for delivery to the eight streams of digital audio.
When the DEB2008C01 is used to insert audio into the bus it is possible to activate the asynchronous sampling frequency converters (ASRC's) for each of the inputs. When the module is used to transmit the audio from the bus over the AES/EBU interfaces the ASRC's are not usually necessary, however if they are, they can be activated for four of the outputs. In this case, the other four AES/EBU interfaces are used as input references for the ASRC's.
The ADB2008C01, DAB2008C01, DDB2008C01, DEB2008C01 and IMB2000C01 were all designed to operate together using the two lines of the AUDIOFLEX bus such that when they are properly configured they create a multiple audio format audio switching matrix compatible with analog audio, AES/EBU, AES67 and MADI.
The module includes an audio processing unit between the AUDIOFLEX bus and the external connections that permits adjustment of the level and phase reversal for each of the audio channels. The gain adjustment runs from 24 to -39 dB in 0.5 dB steps and can also be muted.
In order to operate properly, the DEB2008C01 module requires a reference signal that it takes from the internal 13.5 MHz synchronization bus of the UR2000 mounting frame. This signal can be generated by a GNSS receiver module such as the GPS2000C01 if one is installed in the same frame or the module itself can function as the AUDIOFLEX bus master, which is usually the case for the IMB2000C01.