Issued on: 2018-11-28

RTP Trusts in Albalá for the Infrastructure Equipment

Spanish engineering firm Albalá Ingenieros together with their Portuguese distributor, GTC, have supplied new telecommunication infrastructure equipment for various locations of Radio Televisión Portuguesa in both domestic locations (RTP Azores and RTP Madeira) as well as international ones (RTP Africa).

The equipment supplied will be used for conversion and transmission of HD-SDI video signals for use in synchronization and distribution of both audio and video. The order consists mainly of the following modules:

- The HTG3001C01 synchronization and test signal generator with two independent digital outputs and one analog output.

- The GPS3000C02 ultra stable, GPS-referenced master frequency generator with 10 MHz, 1 PPS, Black-burst sync, SD-SDI digital video black and SMPTE/EBU timecode outputs in LTC and VITC formats.

The devices from Albalá are already in use and have been incorporated into the installations by RTP due to their high reliability, attractive pricing and the excellent solution they offer for these types of infrastructure requirements.