Issued on: 2023-06-05

Albalá modules to upgrade RTVE's OB vans

RTVE has incorporated Albalá Ingenieros modules for the upgrade of its fleet of OB Vans for medium and small productions.

The synchronization and signal distribution system from Albalá installed in the OB Vans offers the possibility of being managed through a centralized IP system that facilitates interoperability, signal flow monitoring, and more intuitive control within each mobile unit.

This synchronization system includes ultra-stable frequency reference pattern modules referenced to GNSS systems (GPS and GLONASS) or IEEE std 1588 GPS2000C01, audio reference signal generators and time code ATG2000C01, and synchronization and video test signal modules HTG20000C01, with versatile automatic switchers ACT2000C01 for balanced audio signals and distribution amplifiers GPD2000C01. All of them belong to the TL2000 series.

For signal distribution, the selected modules from the TL3000 family are: double digital signal distributors TTD3000C03, analog audio distributors AAD3014C01, digital audio AES/EBU distributors DAD3002C02, and analog video distributors for HD and SD AVD3001C03, specifically designed for massive distribution of analog reference signals. All of them are managed with the advanced communication controller via Ethernet/EIA-TIA-232-F/EIA-TIA-485-A, TLE3001C02.

RTVE once again relies on Albalá Ingenieros' synchronization and signal management systems for the upgrade of audio and video equipment in the OB Vans, allowing them to operate with quality and reliability, monitor and control any incidents that may occur in each of them.