Issued on: 2019-02-11

A lasting collaboration: Movistar+ Studios Feature Equipment from Albalá Ingenieros

Since the Movistar+ building in Tres Cantos (Spain) began housing the installations for broadcasting of Canal+, equipment from Albalá Ingenieros has formed part of the complete technical process.
Content of the report published in Popular Video on Friday, January 18, 2019

The devices from Albalá have been installed for use from the reception of video signals in the Linking Room to the signals produced in the Production Center and finally for broadcasting via the Movistar+ platform.

The signals pass through several technical areas during their chain, such as the Master Control Room, the Studios, Playout, etc., where different equipment for distribution, synchronization, switching, conversion and control all makes up part of the television platform.

Albalá Ingenieros has won a prime slot in the broadcast installations thanks to their experience and their availability for resolution of any doubts or technical issues that may occur. If any improvements or special ability is needed in one of the modules built by Albalá, their engineering team goes to work, offering quick turnaround on a solution that meets the required specifications.

In this way, when the Movistar+ engineers create an initial design for an installation, they find the equipment that meets all of their technical and budget requirements. They then develop the engineering project in detail, planning and hiring the labor for the internal installation, setup and final delivery.

New Remote Production Control Room

Racks with Albalá equipment for the control of the studios

In addition to all the technical rooms and studios that are using products from the Albalá TL2000, TL3000 and Crossconnect families, Movistar+ inaugurated their new Exterior Control Room 4 for coverage of the ACB basketball league without a dedicated set just a few months ago. This is a remote production, in which the operation and coverage are done from the central office in Tres Cantos without the need to send a traditional mobile unit to the stadium where the events take place.

This way, the technical and personnel costs are reduced, since little more needs to be sent other than a few cameras, microphones and a minimal rack with the required equipment. This includes the CCU’s for the cameras, a small audio, video and intercom matrix, and the equipment needed for the communications links.

The signal is received in the Control Center, set up with equipment from Albalá for conversion and synchronization of both audio and video, and is then prepared as if it had been generated in a studio set in the same building as the Control Center. This remote production is being done live for ACB basketball games and is the precursor to remote production for other sporting events, since it offers the possibility of using the same technical equipment and personnel for control of different productions that can occur consecutively with a minimum amount of time for preparation and checking of the media between those productions. 

Movistar+’s Estudio 7 for their Sports Channel #Vamos

Estudio 7 television set

This new virtual, automated studio is being used for news and update programs for all types of sports, providing the possibility of loading different background decorations that give it a wide range of operation.

The set gets maximum use during weekends for the production of sporting events, since the majority of activity in a wide variety of sports is concentrated on those days. Furthermore, the set allows the integration of augmented reality elements as well as guests and presenters with a high degree of agility in operation.

The control room for Estudio 7 also includes a wide range of modules for video as well as audio, such as various modules for distribution, equalization, switching, signal conversion, synchronization, digital video and analog reference video signal generation in the formats commonly employed in professional television studios.

This equipment is already operational in the new Estudio 7, both for the production of video and for the control of audio. On set the equipment is used for distribution of the differing signals needed, such as direct lines, camera signals, etc.

Estudios 1, 3 and 5 for Content Production

Estudio 3 television set

For daily operation of these content production studios, Albalá has provided a wide range of auxiliary video infrastructure equipment from their TL2000 and TL3000 families, with dual distributors and digital video format converters and dual embedders and de-embedders for digital audio signals. The system also includes several units of the dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video synchronizer/delayer.

The importance for Telefónica of the ability to produce content is evident in the proposition of Movistar+ along with #0 (their brand of original entertainment) and #Vamos (their exclusive sports channel).